Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Tankini did, in fact, kick ass.

I'm an absolute tankini convert now. Having tested my theories about the merits of the tankini as opposed to the bikini, I'm pleased to say that the tankini is:

A. Sexy
B. Comfy
C. Perfect for all seasons!

I mean, how brave was I to disrobe even partially in the dead of winter, right after Gluttony Fest 2009? Not to mention unveiling my trademark pallor before hoards of artifically tanned or naturally sunbaked beach goers. Yet I felt downright svelte in those suits. C'mon people. Kudos are due.


Upon consideration, I'm not going to post a picture. That's just a bit too much visual information, and I pride myself on being at least *sporadically* conscientious about privacy. Besides, it's not that exciting, right? The skinternet has ensured that a photo of me modeling my swim wear of choice is of little interest to the teeming masses.