Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My immune system seems to be calibrated to go kaput whenever:

A. I am getting ready to move.
B. I am starting a new job.
C. I arrive somewhere abroad for vacation.

Otherwise, I never really get sick. I can be steeped in toddler birthday party germs, shaking hands with a student who showed up for their appointment with the flu, drinking from the wrong plastic cup at a party...doesn't matter. My clever little immune system knows the difference between Typhoid Mary's cocktail glass and the sound of my signature on a change of address form.

What's interesting is how robust these new viruses seem to be. This plucky strain has been beating up my sinuses for a week, forcing me to miss work, miss classes, and watch crappy movies.

Fine, I would have been watching the crappy movies sans cold.

Germs aside, I am getting the keys to my new home on the 19th! Surreal...and... unbelievably, indisputably amazing.